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I cannot thank Bloggy Blog Designz enough for creating me this beautiful space. A space that is far more me than anything I have tried to put together.  I must admit, I didn't give them much to play with, I told them I like things simple, pretty with a little bit of vintage and that my favourite colour combination was brown, light blue and white.

Other than that, I left my blog in their capable hands and crossed my fingers.  Well, when my test blog was given to me my breath was taken away.  I couldn't believe that they got it so so right. And even with a little hitch they were patient, friendly and so very easy to work with.  Thanks so much to you both, I could not be more happier with my new layout.

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Bloggy Blog Design

Jenna designed my blog and all I can say is WOWSERS! She’s amazing! First of all, I won the package on a giveaway – and to be COMPLETELY honest, was really not sure if I was going to like the design. I mean, it was free, right? Well, right, but you’d have never known it. I’m picky (even when it comes to free stuff), and I had a very very specific look in mind, and if that look wasn’t achieved then I was not going to go with the package. Yeah right. That look was more than definitely achieved, and then some. I just have to SMILE every time I open up my blog, because I LUV it! And, I should definitely mention that this all happened in like, a week! I’d wake up in the morning, check my e-mail, and have like 2 or 3 e-mails waiting with answers to my questions (‘cause I knew what I wanted but had NO clue how to put it into computer designing lingo.) So, Jenna had to have a lot of patience to deal with me for sure!  THANK YOU and a big shout out. You won’t be sorry if you go with them!