Me, Myself, & Aphrodite

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I swear to God ... if I am ever famous I will take you with me . That is a promise! I applaud you and what you have done here ... I LOVE IT and even more, you translated my every want and vision - you listened, you read, and you did exactly what you promised!! Thank you. I repeat when I am famous I will bow to your greatness in everything I do.  I wish I was on the late show right now cause you gotta GOTTA get your name out there- you guys are fantastic!! And so,  I thank not only the Goddess here (Jenna) but the God involved as well (Whitney)  Anyway, I will be in touch ... and I will send your praises. Thank you thank you thank you ... I feel like a giddy 14 teen old year old with a crush- you guys are marvelous- no mortalness to your being at all.
                               - Me, Myself & Aphrodite


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