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So.... I LOVE my new blog design!!!   It's what I wanted: punk rock princess design!It's so easy to order.  Their order form is so easy to use.  They don't miss a detail.  Have a question?  They answer it as soon as they can, which is really fast in my honest opinion!

Why should you consider them to design your blog?
  • On their website, they have a schedule (on the right hand side) of what they need from you, if your layout is in process, or it's been/waiting to be installed.  I've never seen that on any other blog design site.
  • They are so personable.  I think that's very important for any business!
  • They show you what your layout looks like before they install if you need something tweaked, they can do it!!
  • They install it...I know if I tried to install it myself it would just be a complete disaster!
  • VERY reasonably priced!
**Tell them Nomie @ Nomie.Eco.Ware sent you :o)**


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